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* Why Should I Sponsor?


*Pushing People Up


*Show me the money!


* How to share the CH opportunity


* Overcome your Fear of Sponsoring


* Recruiting is a Piece of Cake!


* Moving up the Ladder


* Teach 3 to Teach 3


* Sponsoring at your Parties

* Interviewing your Prospects


* Steps to Start a Successful Call


* Get InFORMed Sheet


* Prospect Follow-Up Log


* Interview Outline - use when meeting with your prospects


*Starter Kit Brochure flyer - for opportunity packets

*Smart Start Rewards Program flyer - for opportunity packets


* Opportunity Outline Flyer - for opportunity packets


* Opportunity Flyer - for marketing


*Smart Start Rewards Flyer


* Dream Bag


* Movie Bag


*Ask Me Game


*Ask Me Game Questions


* Summer Money Bulletin Board Flyer

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Click on Image to watch a great video on Leadership!


* CH Tele-Courses "Sponsoring"


Nicki Keohohou from DSWA - Build it Big Through Sponsoring (windows media)

Kim Lipe - Sponsoring Tips (windows media)

Thea Hughes - Sponsor & Training New Designers (windows media)

Karen Bledsaw - Sponsoring Tips (windows media)

Tracey Berg - (real audio)
Tonia Mouw - (real audio)
Amy Valensa - (real audio)


Cathie Cordell, Barb Fishpaw, Deb Goodridge, Kathleen Vicenzotti


When you invite others to join CH you not only providing others with the opportunity to change their life and that of their family but you are also inviting others to become part of the "Celebrating Home family." Special relationships and lifelong friendships await you, and anyone you sponsor!

Thank you to my upline Kathleen, Cathi, and Barb for sharing the CH opportunity because without your sharing and caring spirit I would not be blessed to a be a part of the CH family.

And to all Designer please "Pass it On" and share the same opportunity with others!


"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." James Keller