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The Celebrating Home "Ask Me" Game!

“Ask me” about my business!!! This is a fun game to play at your Parties. The more people you talk to about Celebrating Home, the greater your chance of finding someone as nice as you to join your business. Remember to always include the information that pertains to your three services:

The chance to purchase fabulous products

The opportunity to receive free products for hosting a Party

The best opportunity of all…the chance to do what you do!

It’s best to play the game after the majority of your Party presentation has taken place.  Everyone can see how fun and easy your Celebrating Home business can be. If you are playing the Auction or passing out tickets, your Guests will especially pay attention when you announce that their chance of earning Auction Dollars or tickets is almost over.  Try saying, “I’m going to give Auction Dollars (or tickets) for every question you ask me about my Celebrating Home business in the next 3 minutes. (You can also offer the guests the option of drawing a question about your business from your bean pot.) When I say, ‘Go!’ you can ask me any question about my business. There is only one rule: You may ask as many questions as you like but not consecutively. Please, raise your hand so I can be fair and give everyone a chance to earn lots of Auction Dollars (tickets).”  When the 3 minutes are up, say “You’ve asked me some really great questions. Now I have a couple of questions for you... 

“Whom do you know who might be interested in trying Celebrating Home?” If you know of anyone who would like to add to her present income by becoming a Celebrating Home Designer for 4-8 hours a week or full-time, put her name and phone number at the top of your order blank I’ll be happy to send her an information packet at no obligation. And if she decides to give Celebrating Home a try, I’ll have a free gift for you!

“Who do you feel, here tonight, would be good at showing Celebrating Home products?” Remember, no experience is necessary. The qualifications are that you love our product line, you love people, you wouldn’t mind earning about $100 a Party and you love having fun! Whoever receives the most votes will get a surprise from me. Give the person with the most votes extra Auction Dollars and if she’s even a little bit interested, our Opportunity DVD along with our Opportunity Brochure. 

3. “Even if you’re just a tiniest bit curious about becoming a Celebrating Home Designer, let me know or mark the top left box of your Customer Order Form. I’ll gladly send you some information!”

The Most Frequently Asked Questions during the ASK Me Game

Playing the ASK ME game at every Party ensures that you’re talking about the opportunity at every Party in a fun way. It also teaches your new Designers that sponsoring is a natural part of our Party. Your brand new Designers will sponsor right from the start when they are taught the Ask Me Game, especially if that is how they were sponsored. Answer their questions briefly and try to take notice of who asked what question. Their question is most likely a “green flag” for what they would find appealing or a need they may have. Below are some examples:

1. How many Parties do you hold per week? Be honest. If you only hold 1 or 2 Parties per week, say so, and add that you love the flexibility that Celebrating Home provides. “It’s hard to believe, but you can receive full-time pay for working the hours that most people consider part-time hours.” 

2. How long have you been selling Celebrating Home? Whether you’ve been with CH 2 weeks or 2 years, it doesn’t matter. Answer honestly, being sure to convey how much you love your CH business and how fun it is. 

3. How did you get started? Whether your experience is, “I was at a Party, like you are now,” or “I answered an ad,” or “Someone referred me,” just briefly explain the circumstances that got you started in your Celebrating Home career. I only regret I didn’t start sooner!!! 

4. What do you like best about your Parties or your Celebrating Home business? Respond sincerely in a brief sentence or two. “IT’S THE DESSERTS OF COURSE! No really, I love the pottery.” or “I’m looking forward to the trips, and the ongoing chance to earn countless rewards.” Or “I’m thrilled with the money I’m earning!” 

5. How much does it cost to get started? “DING, DING, DING, THIS IS A BONUS QUESTION. IF YOU ARE PLAYING THE AUCTION, THIS CUSTOMER EARNS DOUBLE AUCTION DOLLARS. “The cost is minimal and with just 1 or 2 Parties, your kit investment is reimbursed!” 

6. How much money do you make??? DING, DING, DING, THIS IS ANOTHER BONUS

QUESTION! “ We earn on average about $150-$200 per Party. You may add, “I never earned this while working at ___________.”

7. Is everything you brought tonight yours? “Yes, and you should see our home! We get a great discount and an opportunity to add to our products for free as well.” 

8. Do you have territories? No, I can do Parties anywhere; you don’t happen to live in Hawaii do you?” 

9. Do you earn any bonuses (Override or Sponsoring Bonuses)? Yes, we get paid to work with and train anyone we sponsor so they’re assured the best start possible and have a great chance to succeed with Celebrating Home!” (These two questions are usually asked by someone with past or present direct sales experience who may be more than just curious about our opportunity.) Keep your eyes and ears open at all times. Those asking the questions may be more curious than you think! Remember, practicing will give you confidence. You may even want to give suggestions of questions before you start so they’ll have an idea, and this way you are sure to get the ball rolling.

An alternative to the Ask Me Game above is to place a number of questions in a Bean Pot and have your guests draw out a question.  For each question they draw you would reward them with auction money or tickets.   For sample questions click on the link below:

*Ask Me Game Questions