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"I can complain because rosebushes have thorns, or rejoice because the

thornbush has a rose....

It's all up to me."






































Welcome to the Garden of Roses!


While attending my first Rally in 2003 I was so incredibly inspired by the experience that while there I made the commitment to become a Diamond Designer. I also named my future team the Garden of Roses. It was the perfect choice for a number of reasons:

Like planting a garden, building our CH business is hard work. In the early days we have to till the soil, prep the soil, plant, fertilize, water etc. It takes an investment of not only hard work, time, but also a lot of patience. When you are finished planting, you stand back and what do you have? Is it a beautiful garden or a pile of dirt? When I’ve asked that question to my Designers many say “a beautiful garden,” and I silently giggle because I know it is with those designers that I have to work on their patience! It is only with much time and patience, with continued nurturing that a garden with grow. Our CH business is very much the same thing. It may take several months to build your business and during that time you are planting the seeds. Unfortunately, during that time you may not see much for results while your business is growing. After planting a garden with all the investment of time, sweat, and money one day you look out at your garden and you see little sprouts popping out of the ground.


Will you look at the sprouts and say “all this work and this is all I have to show for it?” or will you look at the garden and say “with some more time, some more fertilizer, water, and sun those little sprouts will become a beautiful garden!” Your CH business holds the same principles. And remember, as your garden grows you have to keep working in it, not all the seeds you plant will come up, some that do will die, and there will occasionally be some weeds to pull. In your CH business some prospects will never book, some hostesses will cancel and sometimes we have to change our habits, work on our attitude, and build new booking circles instead of asking the same people to do business with us.
- One of my favorite flowers is a rose but they are also one of the most difficult flowers to grow. My rose garden at home is filled with roses of all varieties and colors and I enjoy them all. Like my CH business I work very hard to keep those plants alive and blooming. I focus on the beauty of the rose, not the thorns on the plant or the struggle to keep the plant healthy and full of blooms. The buds need a lot of nurturing, patience and care but I know that in time those little buds will beautifully bloom. As a new Designer when you joined our team my vision of you was of a little bud on the rose bush.  And I know that with time you have the opportunity to grow into something beautiful. You are all very important to me and I wish you much success with your business. I wish you to dream and to believe all that is possible by joining CH and I wish you confidence to believe in yourself and all that you can accomplish.

Just like a rose, you need to continue to feed your business with training, and with hard work you can be very successful.  Just like planting a garden you have to invest all the hard work needed when you first start, you have to keep working at it and you have to be patient.

Here is a great quote: "Where there is no gardener, there will be no garden."
-- Stephen Covey

In his book First Things First, Covey tells the story of a busy executive who asks a landscaper to put together a garden that is self-perpetuating. The landscaper answers profoundly: "If someone isn't tending to it, you can't have a garden!"
If we want our lives, and our CH business, to resemble a garden -- full of beautiful roses and free of weeds -- we must tend to them and take care of them.

Who is the gardener? You are. The truth of the matter is that we get the gardens we cultivate. When we work hard in our gardens, planting, fertilizing and pulling weeds, the results are magnificent. When we neglect our gardens, we find them overrun by weeds.

As you begin your business remember that it's up to you to get out the trowel. Grab the fertilizer. Put on the knee pads. It is time to work on the gardens of our business. Plant some seeds by writing your talk to list, fertilize your business by taking advantage of all the training and support provided by CH and the Garden of Roses Web Pages. Pull a few weeds by breaking a bad habit or two, discard your fear of failing, and dedicate time to tend your business. Over time, your business will be blooming.


Deb Goodridge




"A certain man planted a rose and watered it faithfully and before it blossomed, he examined it.

He saw the bud that would soon blossom, but noticed thorns upon the stem and he thought, "How can any beautiful flower come from a plant burdened with so many sharp thorns? Saddened by this thought, he neglected to water the rose, and just before it was ready to bloom... it died.

So it is with many people. Within every soul there is a rose. The God-like qualities planted in us at birth, grow amid the thorns of our faults. Many of us look at ourselves and see only the thorns, the defects.

We despair, thinking that nothing good can possibly come from us. We neglect to water the good within us, and eventually it dies. We never realize our potential.

Some people do not see the rose within themselves; someone else must show it to them. One of the greatest gifts a person can possess is to be able to reach past the thorns of another, and find the rose within them. "