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Business ‘re-start’ after moving to a new community

Whether you are moving 30 minutes, 30 miles or across the country there will be an impact on your business. Moving doesn’t mean that it’s time to close up shop. Think of it more as opening a new branch office.  

All it takes is a little advance planning and forethought.
BEFORE YOU MOVE – first things first.
  1. Time for a board meeting. Let your spouse know how important your business is to you and ask for his support. It is important that you are both on the same page with this.
  2. Re-evaluate your current goals. If adjustments are necessary, give yourself permission to make them. Any move will have some impact on your business and that is OK!
  3. Devise an action plan for moving. Make a list and use it!
Your personal business
  1. Follow up on current leads. Book and hold as many parties as possible in order to get your sales volume up as high as you can.
  2. If you don’t have team members in your current area, use these parties as a tool to recruit new consultants. That way, you will be able to pass your existing local customer base on to them. Having a head start on a customer base is often the ‘nudge’ that someone needs to say ‘yes’ to the business opportunity.
  3. As you work parties and let customers know that you are moving, get the names and numbers of anyone they know who lives in or near the area you will be moving to.
  4. If you have inventory and old samples, hold a MOVING SALE.
  5. Keep catalog and internet only buyers as your customers. You are easily able to service them from your new home town.
  6. If you know anyone in your new area, offer them an extra discount if they agree to be your ‘First Hostess’.
  7. Network with the realtor in your new town to get a head start on rebuilding a new customer base.
  8. Subscribe to the local newspaper in your new area to look for business leads.
  9. Contact friends via social networking internet sites (Facebook, Twitter) to get referrals in your new area.
  10. See if you can find a booth in your new area to work. If there are already other consultants from your company there – give them a call to see if they need any help working shifts for booths they have organized.

Team Building
  1. If you already have a team in the area you are leaving, pass on hostess leads (with the hostess’ permission) to your stronger team members.
  2. Take someone from your team to each of your parties before you leave so that the guests there can meet that consultant as she will take over servicing these folks.
  3. Consider focusing your recruiting efforts on helping your local team build their teams so that you leave a strong organization behind.
  4. Set up meetings with your team via free teleconferencing services

Details, details, details…
  1. As soon as you have your new address, get new business cards and a new stamp made.
  2. Find out from your home office how many other consultants are in your new area. If there are a lot, that is great – it means people will be familiar with your product. If there are a few, that is great – there’s plenty of room to grow.
  3. Get the names and numbers of other managers in your new area and ask permission to attend their local meetings.
  4. Establish a new phone line as soon as possible for your business.
  5. Have your old phone number forward calls to your new number. 

AFTER YOU HAVE MOVED – first things first!
  1. Certainly your kitchen and children’s bedrooms are an unpacking priority. BUT, make sure you get your office area functional within your first several days in your new home!
  2. Get your new life in place as quickly as possible. Find a church, activities for the children, an exercise class, a bible study – all these things will help you begin networking quickly.
  3. If you have small children, begin the process of finding baby sitters as soon as possible.
  4. If something in your ‘old’ business wasn’t working – here’s a new chance for a fresh start!
  5. Attend a local company meeting (with their permission) and contribute in a positive way. 

Prospect for new business!
  1. Be proud of what you do and speak highly of the company you represent. Make eye contact, smile and take your enthusiasm with you wherever you go.
  2. Join at least one organization in your area. A newcomers or leads group is a great way to get started.
  3. Submit a press release about your ‘new’ business to the business section of the local newspaper.
  4. Go to the local coffee shop and hang out for a while to meet new people.
  5. If you have small children, take them to a local fast food restaurant with a play area for lunch and meet some of the other parents in the area.
  6. Keep fliers, catalogs and business cards in your car at all times.
  7. Leave old catalogs everywhere you go. Put a sticker on the front that says, ‘Looking for a fun way to make money flexibly? Call me to receive more information and a current catalog.”
  8. Offer your services as a speaker to local Women’s Organizations. 

Your Personal Business:
  1. Ask for help from everyone you meet to get your new business started. ASK FOR REFERRALS!
  2. Host and open house or a mystery hostess event and invite all your new neighbors.
  3. Offer some new hostess specials to the first couple of people who help you get your business rolling by hosting a party.
  4. Service your catalog customers from your old town by offering a special via email to them.
  5. Set up fundraisers with local organizations and hospitals.
  6. Check with the local chamber of commerce and newspapers for vendor fairs.
  7. Call the largest employer in town and see if they will let you do a lunchtime set up. 

Building a team in your new town:
  1. Make recruiting a priority. The enthusiasm of new team members will be motivating for you and will help you get better connected in your new community. 

Be realistic. Remember it takes time to begin again – but getting a fresh start can be exciting! And you have a wonderful tool – your business – to help get you out and meeting new friends in your new community! Good luck!