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Welcome to the Celebrating Home family, and the wonderful world of party plan!!


As a new member of the Garden of Roses team of Designers you are about to embark on a fabulous journey, filled with excitement, achievement and personal growth with one of the very best direct sales companies.  CH is exploding with new growth and Iím so glad you will be part of the excitement! 

You will meet new friends and establish relationships with people whom you would never have met otherwise . . . people who will enrich and enhance your life!

You will also learn much about yourself on this marvelous journey. Youíll learn how to set goals and create good habit patterns, as well as accomplish things you never thought possible. 

This business attracts many different people for many different reasons. Some will join for additional income; some will be attracted by our opportunities to try their hand at owning their own business. Others will be drawn to the friendships; to acquire our product they love at a discounted price; or to increase their self confidence and personal growth.

One of the things that also attracts new Designers and Fundraising Representatives to this industry is the desire to spend more time with their families and be home with their children. Because of this fact, I have often equated starting a new business with that of having and raising a child. This analogy has helped so many new designers as they begin their journey, and it is my privilege to share it with you now. 

"Starting a business is much like having and raising a child. During those first months, you expend unlimited energy because it does nothing on its own; its very existence is entirely dependent upon your love, care and nurturing. You willingly dedicate almost 24 hours a day to its development, growth and direction. This is also the time that it becomes more coordinated and self-assured, as it begins to build strength and confidence in its abilities. 

"After the first year, its growth pattern becomes more dramatic, and you begin to realize the fruits of your labor, as it continues to grow and strengthen. It begins to stand on its own. What was once wobbly and uncertain now begins to take its first steps without your assistance. 

"It also becomes a much better communicator and begins to form relationships with others. You begin to look back and reflect on the many changes that have taken place and realize how quickly time has passed. 

"It isnít until about the age of three that things become a little easier or start to run a bit more smoothly. Your 'new baby' begins to form its own personality and you continue to help lay the foundation upon which it will build its lifelong success. It continues to develop, grow and profit from your guidance and support. 

"Iíve heard it said that it takes at least three years before a business really takes off; itís easy to understand why. A new business needs time to grow and mature, to get on its feet and build the foundation that is necessary to expand and develop into a thriving enterprise. 

"Just as raising a child takes time, energy, patience, care perseverance, sacrifice and money . . . so does building a business. And as in raising children, every ounce of energy, love and dedication comes back in the form of pride and satisfaction in a job well done." 

I wish you the best of success in your new business. You will have the support of one of the most successful teams in our company and we will be walking with you every step of the way along your journey to success!

Stay patient, positive, and focused my new friend because great things are in your future!

Deb Goodridge

Executive Team Leader

Call me anytime and allow me the pleasure of helping you with your business.