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The Importance of Trainings and Meetings


On stage at an awards ceremony, a top seller could be asked to what she attributed her phenomenal success. Her answer would simply be: "When I started, I did everything my upline told me to do. I just figured, if she could do it, I could do it!" What a simple concept!

As a new Designer with CH, it’s important to dedicate yourself to learning everything you can about this business. Most of us have never done anything like this before. Most of us don’t have a background in booking, selling and recruiting; therefore, we must learn through doing, and by following other successful people. The key to success in this business is listening and being willing to learn and reach out to others.

Become a student of this business and never stop learning. Be willing to try new things or to do something different than what you've tried before.  Be teachable, always eager to learn and grow. The level of success you achieve within your business is equal to your level of “teachability,” for it is those who profit from advice and training that rise to great heights in their businesses and reach their personal goals.

There is always
something positive to be derived, or lesson to be learned, from every situation we encounter, even if it is the simple realization that we don’t ever want to repeat it.

In our business,
there are always people who have gone where we want to go and who are willing to share with us all they know about how they got there. We only have to be open to receiving their wisdom. It is great to be able to have your own business but to not be in business by yourself. With that in mind Why reinvent the wheel? Why take two years to discover a fabulous selling or sponsoring technique when there are others who have the knowledge and are willing to share?!

I recently overheard a conversation between two Designers who were discussing a National training event they had attended the previous month.
"It was great," raved one designer. "I learned so much!" The other quickly responded, "I guess, but I’m so tired of hearing the same old stuff – booking, selling and recruiting."

The first Designer emphatically stated, "Well,
I would never think of missing a meeting because I always learn something that I can put to use in my business the next week." I’m sure you can guess who the more successful of these two Designers is – and why!

Meetings and training calls are vital to the success of your business. They provide information, education, inspiration, recognition, awareness, exposure, renewal and revitalization. They instill a sense of teamwork among your peers and are a perfect time to create team spirit and a winning attitude.

It has been said that when people quit attending meetings and stop participating in conference and training calls is when they are
no longer engaged and their business suffers. This is the number one reason why people leave our business.

Never, never miss a meeting and take advantage of all training calls!
You'll have the opportunity to attend Regional Meetings, Spring Spectaculars, and National Rallies. Training calls are available weekly!  Even if you learn just one new idea to try or one new phrase to use, it will be worth your while.  When you are doing well, the meeting and training calls need you . . . and when you’re not doing so well, you need the meetings and calls!

We work in a truly remarkable business – a business where
our home office support staff, leaders, and team members are caring mentors who are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience with you, and cheer you on when you succeed!

Our home office encourages us to attend Spring Spectacular, National Rally, regional meetings and training calls to become experts in our fields, and they spend hours planning fun, exciting and inspiring meetings and training calls
to give us all the tools we need to grow and prosper, both financially and emotionally.

Yes, in this remarkable business, our home office staff and leaders are only a phone call away.
It’s up to us, however, to tap into this endless, unlimited source of education, motivation and inspiration, and we must do it often and repeatedly.

It has been said that a person must hear something at least a half-dozen times before it actually “sinks in.”
Repetition is a key factor in the learning process. I have had the personal experience on several occasions of hearing a particular idea for the very first time while listening to a trainer and I know I had heard it before but it never really sunk it the first time or two!

We’ve all heard the adage,
"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear," and that is particularly true on these occasions. Very often when we hear something over and over again, the lesson takes on a new and/or special meaning because we are in a different place in our business.

We must make it a habit to nurture and feed our minds with knowledge. Knowledge is exciting!
It gives us renewed energy, endless inspiration, new ideas and unlimited possibilities. We are filled with potential and continue to go forward and grow.

So, take advantage of every single bit of training you can get your hands on,
attend and participate in every meeting or training call that is available to you, and always be a student of the business!

the best students become the best future leaders! Good luck to all of you!