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Recruiting Game/Ask me game variation



Take only the heart cards and all the spades cards from a regular deck of cards.  You will need 2 or 3 small wrapped gifts. 


Explain to the guests that you want them to ask questions that have to do with your job with Celebrating Home.  Encourage them to be as nosey as they would like but it has to do with working part time or full time with CH!  I only ask that they not ask 2 questions right in a row, to keep it fair so others have a chance. 

For each question asked, a guest will receive a heart card.  The more cards they get, the more chances they will have to win a prize afterwards!  There are 13 heart cards in the deck so it will mean at least 13 questions will be asked about the opportunity with Celebrating Home before we can begin to play the game.  If people continue to ask questions after all 13 cards have been given out, I won’t stop them but instead I will give them $500 per question. 

Explain that after all the heart cards have been handed out, that’s when we will start stealing those prizes from each other…just like a Yankee swap.  Shuffle the spade cards from the deck and start to call out the numbers saying heart rather than spade.  So if you pick the 5 of spades, simply ask, “Who has the 5 of hearts?”   

The person with the 1st card called gets to pick 1 of the gifts.  Tell her not to get too attached to it and there is absolutely no peeking inside the bags if not wrapped.  Then you call the next card and the person with that card gets to pick a remaining gift or steal a gift from someone!  You keep calling cards and guests keep stealing the gifts from each other until you have used all the spade cards (all 13).  The people left holding the 2 or 3 gifts after the cards have been called are the winners and get to keep what’s inside the bag.  (I personally recycle and use the same bags over again at my next show.) 

At the end of the game I explain the other reason the game is called Stealing Hearts is because the career opportunity with Celebrating Home has stolen my heart!   I am happy to share this awesome opportunity with everyone I meet!  I just love my job!!! 

Note:  Those who are very interested will really stand out in the group with this game.  I find this to be more effective than the traditional ask me game.  It forces them to have to ask me questions.  Remember that they cannot get the gifts until ALL the 13 heart cards have been given out.  I also try to make sure that everyone has at least one card.   Sometimes “Grandma” can’t think of a question so I will whisper a question in her ear that she can ask me.  People think that it is funny because I’ll say….Excuse me but GRANDMA has a question for me.  She wants to know……”  I just don’t like to have someone left out of the game. 

For those who asked a ton of questions, I will talk with them when they bring their order to me.  Then I’ll offer to meet with them so that I can explain the Opportunity a little bit better for them and so on and so on.  Try it…it works really well!