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Envelope Booking Game 


If you are looking to double your bookings at your home parties play the envelope game! I love this game because it will get the guests at the party who are sitting on the edge of the fence to make a decision.  “Yes I want to book a party. No, I don’t want to book a party.”  You are helping to give them that little edge and in making the decision to have an CH party!

The envelope game works best in building your business because it will encourage the women in attendance to select a date on your open date card allowing you to work when you want to.  One of the reasons why we love this business is because we can work our business around our family.  By using the open date card you are validating our business opportunity by saying at your parties “One of things I love about my home based business with CH is that I can work my business around my family.”  So, be sure to set your open date cards around the activities of your family.  Focus your bookings around the dates you want to have parties.

Be willing to give an extra little gift and your booking game will help to endorse that open date card and giving the gift for booking a party on one of the open dates.  From an office supply store you can purchase 5 X 7 inch eye catching bubble wrap envelopes that are available in a variety of shiny metallic colors.   Give each of your guests one of the envelopes to hold upon arrival to the show.   Each guest will hold one of the envelopes throughout the party and near the end of your party you will ask them a question and say “You can keep your envelope and be willing to do what it says.”  And 50% of the envelopes would have “Receive a gift.” The other 50 percent would have “Book a party and receive a gift.”


You can go around the room in a circle and say to each guest one at a time “You can keep your envelope and be willing to do what it says.  If you are dead set against having a party and do not want to get some free and discounted products then please just pass it back because we’re here to have fun.  Or, you can trade it up for one of my bonus envelopes.”  For the bonus envelopes you would be holding 3 bonus envelopes in your right hand and those would be your hostess packets.  (These envelopes are also the metallic bubble wrap envelopes but are the larger catalog sized envelopes.) You would say “You can trade up for one of my bonus envelopes which is a hostess packet and as long as you select a date on my open date card I will also bring you one of these free gifts.” So in your right hand you will be holding up the 3 bonus envelopes which are the hostess packets.  In your left hand you will be holding up the 3 gifts in the little gift bags.  You can say “You can select one of these gift bags and I’ll bring it to you the night of your party as long as you select one of the dates on my open date card.”  The key is to only have 3 hostess packets in your hand and to offer only 3 gift bags. By doing so you’ll create the desire to book before they are gone and there will be a sense of urgency to book a party before all the gift bags are gone!  After you have achieved 3 bookings you can still offer to book a party for the remaining guests but you needn’t offer the gift bags. 


Here is a great site for ordering the metallic envelopes: