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Option #1


Purpose of Game – Obtain MORE bookings at every party!


Supplies needed – Easter Basket or CH Basket when available, Purple or Easter colored cloth napkin to line the basket, plastic eggs, paper slips in each egg


How to Play:


As guests arrive, first, meet and greet them with a smile and tell them your name, and ask for their name.  Do this by extending your hand and saying “Hi, I’m Julie… and you are……” and then they tell me their name.  “It’s nice to meet you Kim!  I’m glad you came!  We’re going to see decorating and cooking ideas and have a lot of fun!”


During your presentation, be sure to plant 3 “booking seeds” – for example the Veranda dinner set!  Then, while holding your basket on your arm and auction $ in hand, give them the auction $’s they’ve earned so far by doing things on the auction slip.  Then, before you turn to the next person, tell them “Go ahead and pick an egg out of my basket, but NO Peeking until we get to that part of the party!” 


After presentation, then present the booking game:


“This is my Booking game!  I’m going to give you the chance to ‘pass or PLAY!’ There’s a PRIZE in every egg, so EVERY egg is a winner!  There’s a treat for the ride home in there too!” (SMILE & wink!)  Some eggs have great prizes like extra auction dollars, buy one get one at half off, etc.  Then other eggs have SUPER prizes, for example our new Veranda Oval bean pot for only $10, and a party!  There’s also prizes like “Fragrance lamp of your choice - $40 value for ONLY $20, or our ________ for ONLY $_______!  So if your slip in your egg says “Party with Me” next to your prize, then you get that item at the special price AND you win a party!  Don’t worry about when to have your party, we’ll find a date that works best for you & your friends”


OK, who wants to go first?”  (then go to the ones that have been smiling back at you, have expressed interest in the products or had a lot of fun with the games.  Tell your hostess ahead of time to be sure to play also!) 


Helpful Hints:

-These prizes are redeemed the night they hold their party, and ordered at that time.

-For the booking slip prizes, try to pick products you have in your kit, and create the desire for these products in your presentation.

-Change this booking game for the season/holiday – ex: Use Valentines for Feb, Seed packets in the summer, small plastic pumpkins for fall, etc.

Do this at craft shows/ fairs as well!  Have your basket as part of your display and offer those interested or even “just thinking” about booking, to open an egg for a prize & a treat for the ride home!  Then EVERY slip says “Party with Me!” with a prize if they book a party. 


Easter Egg Game Option #2


Items/Props Needed:

12 small plastic Easter Eggs

12 Small Slips of paper or Coupons

Basket, Tray or Platter to hold eggs

2-3 pretty wrapped prizes (Under $10 retail value for let's make a deal)


Type or write the following on the slips of paper or make coupons:

"Thank you for playing

You get a free jar candle!"

Use on 3-4 of the slips


You win me, a party and ____________!"

Use on the remaining slips. Fill in something you feel comfortable giving away for a booking. Feel free and use the monthly hostess special (Mirror for $12 w/qualified party, 70% off any framed art print w/qualified party, or Any item $50 or less for $14.95)

Fold up papers and put in eggs. Put parties in prettiest, brightest eggs. Arrange eggs on Platter with Parties in front and center. Keep others closest to you when holding the platter offer everyone who comes to the party an egg when they arrive. Instruct them NOT to open their egg and NOT to lose their egg!

Execution after demo:

Ask everyone to get out their egg. Share, "this is my help the hostess game. Playing is optional. Please do not play if you cannot help the hostess and do not want any free merchandise."  Tell them, In each egg is a slip of paper. You can win a free candle no strings attached or you can Win a party and______________. If you win me, your hostess gets $18 FREE merchandise and you get a fun night with some friends and you get to earn lots of free product! Go around and ask if they'd like to play. (Offer $5,000 auction $$ if you play the auction) Start with the gal who you think is most likely to book. Then continue around the room and ask everyone to play or pass. Don't open the egg yet, wait until everyone answers. Collect the eggs from the guests who passed. Next play let's make a deal. If you have an egg and know you can have a few friends over for a party I'll trade you the egg you are holding for this gift. Open your eggs. Book in your parties! Hint: everyone who played whether they won a prize or a party is a booking prospect! If no one plays during the party, Well my eggs are here if you change your mind and want to take a chance or book a show. Keep eggs by your order table and ask everyone again!