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Casino Time Booking Activity!

Proven to increase bookings from bookings!

Should be played with EVERY type of party presentation!



Positive, relaxed, confident and open attitude!

The courage to try it more than once!

What to say:

Ladies, this is an optional game to help our hostess. If you are going to book a party then you definitely want to play, if you are thinking about having a party than you probably should play, if you absolutely do not want any free gifts or have a fun evening with a few of your friends then you definitely do not want to play.

Play your activity!

Casino Time: Pair of dice (2 die). Roll a 3-9 and itís party time! Roll a 10,11, 12 or 2 and I have a gift for you! (carry small basket of gifts to award). You may entice guests to roll dice and take a chance by offering auction $$$!