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Home Interiors and Gifts in now known as Celebrating Home




The story of Celebrating Home is simple yet significant.

It's about home, heart and heritage. It's about providing the right product along with a shopping, entertaining and decorating experience perfectly suited to every lifestyle. It's about living the life you love, loving what you do for a living, exploring new opportunities and celebrating what's inside of you. It's about forming fast and lasting friendships and belonging to a true family of Designers who care about your success.

It's a new story, yet it has been lovingly shared for over sixty years. True story! We have blended the “the best of the best” in the direct selling industry – Home & Garden Party and Home Interiors & Gifts – to form Celebrating Home and the strongest and single most supportive and empowering career opportunity for women today. We now share the largest family of Designers ever, and we invite you to join us. Together we will create our story – simply, the most significant story ever told!

Review our Founders' Legacy below to learn more about what makes Celebrating Home the company that every woman can believe in and be a part of today … from the beginning!

Our legacy

It's the "best of the best."

Home & Garden Party

Home & Garden Party was founded in 1996 by Penny and Steve Carlile, whose mission was to create a business where women could obtain the “American Dream” by bringing families and friends together through their entertaining and decorating accessories. Headquartered in Marshall, Texas, Home & Garden Party has enabled thousands of women across the United States to earn extra income, have fun and make friends while working from home as Home & Garden Party Designers.


Home Interiors & Gifts

Mary Crowley founded Home Interiors & Gifts in 1957 in Dallas, Texas. Her dream was to provide a career opportunity for women that would enhance their lives through decorating the homes and lives of others. She made her dream come true by building a small hostess-plan home accessory line into the largest direct seller of home decorative accessories in the United States, with over 100,000 Decorating Consultants in America.

Celebrating Home

In 2008, Penny and Steve Carlile acquired Home Interiors & Gifts. They established Celebrating Home in early 2009 – blending “the best of the best” to create the strongest and single most supportive and empowering career opportunity for women today. Along with an unsurpassed business opportunity, Celebrating Home offers a unique combination of the very best entertaining and decorating products, training, compensation and marketing support in the direct selling industry.

Celebrating Home offers all this and more as we hold true to our roots – our foundation is based on dignity, integrity, loyalty and truth; Christian principles true today in an ever-changing marketplace – while evolving to help you grow your business. Celebrating Home is located in Marshall, Texas.


Message from the president

Welcome to Celebrating Home, our nation’s largest party-plan home décor company. 

Celebrating Home was built on the foundation of two industry icons, Home & Garden Party and Home Interiors & Gifts. 

The shared foundational values between these two companies is extraordinary and has made the coming together a natural integration and poises us for explosive growth, as we craft our mission for the future. 

Like you, we share a passion for the home.  We believe that the home is the center of the family and the woman is the center of the home.  When we can help one woman change her life, we can change a home and when we change a home, we change a family; when we change a family, we change a community and when we change a community, we change the world…one woman at a time. 

The strength of Celebrating Home lies in our Designers…high-energy, talented women focused on providing people from all walks of life, solutions to all their decorating and entertaining needs. 

But the best thing about Celebrating Home is the amazing earnings opportunity that we provide to thousands of families around the country.  Celebrating Home provides an environment for women to earn extra income, have fun and receive the recognition they deserve. 

The opportunity to change your life is entirely in your hands.  We will provide you everything you need…all the tools, all the support, all the beautiful product…the rest is up to you. 

Come celebrate with us,

Heather Chastain
Celebrating Home